Customer Feature - Her Name Is Laverne

Bob & Polly Zetterman's 1957 Chevy Convertible.

Polly Tells us Laverne's story.

In 1998, we purchased our 1957 Chevy convertible from a friend in Orlando, Florida.   The car came with the name “Laverne,” after one of the Andrews Sisters, a singing trio from the ‘50’s.   She looked good at the time, but we discovered after a few years that she needed some refurbishing.

We chose R-Goods because we had seen their work, and we knew that they understood everything about tri-five Chevys.   Once Laverne was stripped and bead-blasted, we saw how ugly her condition really was. There were rust issues and quite a bit of Bondo had been used to cover previous “sins.”

Brad decided to find an original ‘57 left front fender to replace ours.  My husband found one at a swap meet and took it down to the shop.  A week or so later, Brad called us to come look at the fender.   We expected to see a freshly primered fender.   But, what we saw was a bare metal fender with beautiful patch work. Nothing hidden!   My husband said, “Now I know what I’m paying for.”

Every week we went down to the shop to check on Laverne’s progress. All the guys in the shop welcomed us each time.  They wanted us to see exactly what they were doing as the work was being done. There was no “hidden agenda.”

No one at the shop laughed at me when I called my car by name.   Everyone there understood that the car was the "love of my life" (after Bob, of course) and that I think of her as kind of a living creature.   I never worried when we were in Arizona while R-Goods was finishing up the car.   I knew that they would do the work the right way and would take good care of her.

When Laverne was finally ready, we picked her up and had her shipped to Arizona, where we spend the winter doing car shows and cruises.   All of our friends were really impressed with how straight the side panels are and what a beautiful finish the car has.

The last restoration (a poor one as it turned out) lasted twenty years.   Brad assures us that this one will last longer than that.   Twenty years from now we will be in our late 80’s---we may be cremains in the ashtray then, but we’ll still want to be riding with the top down, getting those thumbs-ups from people who see our ‘57!

Polly Zetterman